General Terms

Discover our general terms and conditions of sales right below.


1. Applicability

These terms and conditions of sale apply to all our deliveries and services. The Customer is supposed to abide by the mere fact of placing an order or purchase.

These conditions exclude any other condition of the client.

Exceptions to these contractual provisions are only accepted when explicitly specified and confirmed by us in writing.


2. Orders

a) To be effective an order has to be confirmed by our Company MIA ZIA SPRL.

b) Since all sales should be subject to the approval of our credit insurers, it is expressly agreed that each sale takes place – even after order confirmation from us – under the condition precedent to acceptance of risk by the credit insurance; MIA ZIA SPRL has at any time the right to cancel an order on the basis of such refusal by the credit insurer.

c) The customer has within 24 hours from the moment of signing the order to cancel the sale or to suggest changes on the goods ordered. Once this period expires, the terms of the order can not be changed without the explicit agreement of MIA ZIA SPRL.


3. Delivery

a) Our delivery times are given for information only and are displayed on every product page. No deliveries, even partial, after this deadline , will by no means constitute a reason for breach of contract by the customer. Sometimes, our time limits differs because of our suppliers and factories. The average time observed for the items available are 3 to 7 business days.

b) If the acceptance of goods by the customer does not take place in time, this shall be regarded as expressing the will of breach of contract by the customer; MIA ZIA SPRL has the choice of the right to pursue breach of contract with damages or to require compliance without prejudice to the right of compensation.

c) The goods travel at the risk of the recipient from our store, deliveries are made freight collect.

d) Any delivery problems (missing item or damaged) must be reported to us within 48 hours by mail to The item must then be returned within 14 days after receipt by requesting an exchange or refund.

e) A flat fee is requested for the cost of processing and shipping of your package, it remains payable even if you return all or part of the order. You can receive your packages directly at home or at the address of your choice. This shipping fee will be calculated based on the weight and the number of purchased items. Free shipping will be offered over 300€ purchased.


4. Case of force majeure

a) Are considered as force majeure on the part of MIA ZIA SPRL:
– Fire, flood or other accident that results in the total or partial destruction of the buildings of the company or stock, or making the operation of the business impossible;

– Strikes or lockouts;

– All kinds of work interruptions caused by disruptions in the shipment of raw materials, energy, transport termination, computer failure, etc …

– Any other work stoppages beyond the control of the seller.

b) These same facts are regarded as force majeure by way of example, when they occur in any other enterprise intervening in the execution of the agreement of sale.


5. Payment

a) Except when otherwise stated, our invoices are payable in cash in Brussels, net without discount, upon receipt of the merchandise

b) Our representatives do not have standing to collect our bills or give valid receipt. Except with explicit derogation valid payments can only be made to the order of MIA ZIA SPRL.

c) In case of failure to pay the invoice amount at maturity and without the need of sending a formal notice, the debt will be increased by a penalty interest of 1% per month.

d) Except external causes under Art. 1147 CC and in case of failure to pay the invoice within 15 days of  notice by registered mail a fee payment is due by the debtor under court costs  set at a flat rate of 15% of the amount due with a minimum of 50 € without prejudice to any other compensation due to default  of the buyer.


6. Reservation of ownership

By express agreement between parties all goods and accessories remain our property until their full payment, without prejudice to the risks of force majeure as stated – art.3, c.


7. Defects

Any non-conformity of the goods must be notified within 8 days (for Belgium) and15 days (for overseas) after date of delivery either  by registered letter, fax or by service at the headquarters of the society. This period expired, no grievance will be considered, no recovery will be made and no discount will be granted.

Small technical differences from normal quality, color, width, weight, manufacturing or design can not result in denial of the goods.

Valid claims may involve the recovery or replacement of the goods, but without compensation for any direct or indirect damages.


8. Applicable law and jurisdiction

The Belgian law is applicable to all sales contracts and the Courts of Brussels shall have exclusive jurisdiction in any dispute.

Different clauses of the buyer can not change this disposition.


9. Payment  terms

By credit card or debit card through Paypal or Payplug. 
You enter your Visa, Mastercard, CB,…, card number , the control number and expiration date. The funds transfer  occurs after the billing of your items in accordance with your bank.


10. Return / exchange / guarantees

If one of your articles is not suitable, MIA ZIA agrees to exchange it or to refund you, provided that the article is in its original packaging and that the justification for return is indicated on the return form joined to the package. Processing and payment fees are due even in case of a complete return of the package content.

TIP: To make your life easier when you return an item, MIA ZIA offers to reimburse you on receipt by transfer to your bank account. To take advantage of this convenient, safe and fast service, simply enter your IBAN account number on the packing slip that accompanies the returned items and we will make the transfer as soon as possible.

All returns must be made within 14 days by returning the package prepaid to 


90-92 Rue du Mail 

1050 Ixelles 


Items damaged, soiled or already worn  can not be returned. In case of abusive  returns  Mia Zia reserves the right to refuse a later order . In the case of  an exchanged item, you do not pay new processing fees.

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